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I need to design a Task Manager, not like windows task manager, but a more generic one.

like "i should take my kid to school" kind of task.

So, i need to design an appropriate scalable gui ? (in the future there might be hundreds of tasks)

Can someone suggest a place/app to look at ?

in addition, and on related subject : I opened Mfc resource editor, and was trying to add columns to a list box, but couldn't find a way. is there a nice way to do it without writing code ?


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Have a look at the most excellent : ToDoList application by .dan.g. on CodeProject.


For the other question, I think you have to add columns in the code.

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Not sure where to point you for generic GUI design, but I can help with the specific list box question. No, there's no way to add columns in the resource editor. Here's some crude code I recently did to make it easier:

void CMyDlg::AddColumn(LPCTSTR pszHeading, int iWidth, int nFormat)
    VERIFY(m_wndList.InsertColumn(m_iNextColumn, pszHeading, nFormat, iWidth, -1) == m_iNextColumn);

void CMyDlg::AddItem()
    m_wndList.InsertItem(m_iItemCount, _T(""));
    m_iNextColumn = 0;

void CMyDlg::SetNextColumn(LPCTSTR pszText)
    m_wndList.SetItemText(m_iItemCount - 1, m_iNextColumn, pszText);
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There's one example on CodeProject.

You make a list box multicolumn simply by clicking the "multicolumn" property. I'd guess what you really want is a list control in report mode, in which case you do need to add the second (and subsequent) columns using code.

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Adding columns to a listbox must be done in the code. For example, in your InitDialog(), or OnCreate(), or some other override, call list.InsertColumn(...) to add new columns. It's described very well in the MSDN help for CListCtrl.

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