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I use VA_ARGS for the following case:

#define CHECK4(x,y,...) if ((x)) { y(__VA_ARGS__); }
#define CHECK5(x,y,...) if ((x)) { y(__VA_ARGS__); }

Then call it:

CHECK5(1, CHECK4,1,printf, "here %s %s %s", "are", "some", "varargs2(4)\n");

In vs 2008, it failed for CHECK5 calling, but using gcc it works well. How should I let it work in VS 2008?

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This might be a duplicate; see this question and try to use the workaround described there. –  dyp Dec 11 '13 at 12:00
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CHECK5(1, CHECK4(1,printf, "here %s %s %s", "are", "some", "varargs2(4)\n"), 1);
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