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Recently I bought dell laptop through online with windows 8 os. but my laptop has a single drive(500gb) with os installed, 50GB is used for os and some other files. is it possible to partition 2 more with out formatting the entire disk

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Yes, and it's easy.


Create Partition in Windows 8 | Easily Create Separate Partition in Hard Drive using Windows 8

You have to create (add) a partition, then format with a filesystem (probably NTFS). The partitions are pretty independent of each other. Windows will give the filesystems drive letters (D: e: f:) after you format them.

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This is very simple without needing any software.

  • Open your Disk management console
  • Right-click on the partiton and click Shrink Volume..
  • Enter the desired volume size you want and complete the process

You should now have another un-allocated volume appearing which you can then format and use

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You can do it using one of those programs:

  • Partition Magic
  • Paragon Partiton Manager
  • Acronis Disk Director

I recomend to you Acronis Disk Director very powerful and easy to use.

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