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I visited an organization and saw their custom invoice system. when they start their system then it only opens their software nothing else. I was not able to see whether it was windows,linux.

at boot up it was showing loading modules ..etc. but after start up it showed directly their software , nohthing else. They can not access anything other than that software.

I am curious to know how is this possible ? Kindly answer.

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This is sometimes called kiosk mode. In Linux it is relatively easy. In Windows it is more difficult because there are some pieces of the system, hot-keys, etc. that are difficult to disable, but there are third party software that manages that. –  rodrigo Dec 11 '13 at 8:35

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At least for Linux this can be done easily: Use the init= parameter in your efi/bootloader to specific the level 0 binary to execute.

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