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alt text All I want to do is modify the text value of the XML corresponding to the CURRENTLY SELECTED node in the tree. Everything is a piece of cake except actually changing 'abc' to 'xyz'.

  public var xml:XML=
    Content A
    <parentnode Name="value" Attr2="4">
      parent content1 
      <childnode Name="child" Attr2="fun">
        child content
      parent content 2  
    abc          <!-- Selected Node When Button Is Pressed-->

  private function XMLTreeLabel(node:Object):String{
    if (XMLTree.dataDescriptor.isBranch(node)) {
    } else {
  private function UpdateXMLContent():void
    var Node:XML=XMLTree.selectedItem as XML;
    if ((Node.hasSimpleContent())&&
        (Node.valueOf()=="abc")) {
      Node='xyz' as XML; // I Get To This Line Of Code, 
                         //   But It Is Impossible To MODIFY 
                         //   The Value Of The Node
      // None of these ways work either:
      //   XMLTree.selectedItem=XML('xyz');
      //   Node=XML('xyz');
      //   Node.text()[0]='xyz';
      //   Node.firstChild.nodeValue='xyz';
      //   Node.setChildren('xyz');
      //   Node[0]='xyz';
      // Is changing the content of xml an unreasonable/impossible 
      //   expectation for Flex? 

[... some code omitted...]

    <mx:Tree height="100%" width="100%" 
      dataProvider="{xml}" labelFunction="XMLTreeLabel" 
    <mx:Button x="185" y="335" label="Button" 

P.S. I know I can say xml.rootnode.blahblahblah = whatever, but I need to modify the entry represented in the tree, and therefore cannot hard code the path to the node.

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Edit: Ok, this is fully working now, good luck:

private function UpdateXMLContent():void
    var NodeToModify:XML=XMLTree.selectedItem as XML;
    if ((NodeToModify.hasSimpleContent())&&
        (NodeToModify.valueOf()=="abc")) {                  
        var NodeParent:XML = NodeToModify.parent();
        XMLTree.selectedItem = NodeParent.insertChildAfter(NodeToModify,"xyz");

        var cn:XMLList = XMLList(NodeToModify.parent()).children();

        for ( var i:Number = 0 ; i < cn.length() ; i++ )
            if ( cn[i] == NodeToModify )
                delete cn[i];   

        //we didn't find the node, shouldn't be reached

Here's the solution for deleting the element:

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