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I'm using typeahead.js in combination with bootstrap.

Works fine, but I would like to show all possible options straight away on focus of the input field. Goal is to create a kind of select element (with 6 standard options in this case) which allows users to add a custom option if they want. But I need the user to immediately see the already available options.

Can this be done with typeahead.js?

$('.typeahead-cat .typeahead').typeahead({
      name: 'category',
      local: ['Cats', 'Dogs', 'Birds', 'Horses', 'Rabbits', 'Chickens']

Thanks for your help!


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Checkout this thread, you might get your answer - stackoverflow.com/questions/11745422/… –  Tushkiz Jan 2 '14 at 8:14

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