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I am trying to change the input value of a hidden form to update the score of a game in my database.

I have this form code on a php page that displays and plays the game.

<form id ="recordForm" method="POST" action="updatePHP.php">
        <input type='hidden' name="record" id='record' value='' />

And am trying to change the value of the hidden input field with this javascript. This is in the separate javascript file that is controlling the game.

function postPHP(newRecord){
alert("POST TO PHP");  //test to make sure I am calling this function
alert (newRecord);  //alerts the correct value

var elem = document.getElementById('record');
elem.value = 12;
//    document.getElementById('record').value = newRecord;
//    document.getElementById('recordForm').submit();

There are a lot of topics on this subject but I am just not able to figure out what I am doing wrong. Any suggestions?

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yes, I have lot of suggestions..... :) –  P5Coder Dec 11 '13 at 9:35
That code should work fine (it will set the value to 12). What is your exact problem? Do you have any errors? –  musefan Dec 11 '13 at 9:36
Where you are calling function postPHP() –  Roopendra Dec 11 '13 at 9:56
check your working code –  Roopendra Dec 11 '13 at 10:04

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you should try

elem.value = newRecord;
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Your JS function should work like this, i tested, more less what you already have. I remove the alerts since you don't need them anymore and leave what you have commented. This means your JS function isn't the problem.

function postPHP(newRecord)

document.getElementById('record').value = newRecord;


Don't forget to sent the parameter when calling the JS function, i did it with a button

<button onClick="postPHP('14')">Change</button>

since your JS function is in a separate file don't forget to include it in the File where you call the function

    <script type="text/javascript" src="PATH/exampleName.js"></script>

Replace the src of the above tag to your needs

And last but not least check your updatePHP.php with a call to the method print_r


All that should make the trick

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Thank you for all your suggestions! This was my first question ever, I will look at all of them and see if I can get it working.

This is where I am calling postPHP:

    function checkScore(score, record) {       

        alert('Score= ' + score);
        alert ('Record= '+ record);

        if(score < record || record === 0){
            alert ("NEW RECORD");  //this alert is displayed when needed

and checkScore was called when the user moved a target crate back to the beginning spot and the following statement was executed

        if (this.hasWon()) {
            var finalScore = this.getScore();
            var record = this.getRecord();
            checkScore(finalScore, record);
            return ret;     //moving not allowed

there are some access methods used there.

    //access methods
    Board.prototype.hasWon = function() {
        return state === 1;
    Board.prototype.getScore = function() {
        return score;
    Board.prototype.getWt = function(r, c) {
        return b[r][c];
    Board.prototype.getData = function() {
        return {"bobR": bobR, "bobC": bobC, "bobDir": bobDir,
            "tgtR": tgtR, "tgtC": tgtC,
            "startC": startC, "n": n};
    Board.prototype.getRecord = function(){
        var s = "" + window.location;
        var ampIdx = "" + s.indexOf("&");
        ampIdx = parseInt(ampIdx);
        ampIdx = ampIdx + 7;

        var record = "" + s.substring(ampIdx);
        //alert("Puzzle Record= " + record);
        record = parseInt(record);
        return record;

I do have the javascript included. I do call it once in the body of the HTML, for some reason it doesn't display the game correctly when included in the head.

Again, thank you for the help! I will let you know what I get to work!

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This is what I got to work.

function postPHP(newRecord, seed) {
   alert("POST TO PHP");
   var inner = "<input type='hidden' name='record' id='record' value=" + newRecord + " >"+
                "<input type='hidden' name='seed' id='seed' value=" + seed + " >";
    document.getElementById('recordForm').innerHTML = inner;

Thanks again for all the help, I just don't know why the first method wasn't working. This is my first attempts at PHP and javascript.

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