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Is there a keyboard shortcut (or customizable keyboard shortcut) to select text inside a single quote '' and double quotes "" in Visual Studio 2012.


string name = "John Doe";

instead of dragging the mouse to select all of John Doe, is there a way to just point the cursor inside the double quotes and press a key combination to select it? Wanting to avoid usage of mouse a much a possible.

I found a similar question

Visual Studio / R# Keyboard shortcuts: select string with or without quotes

but the shortcut given will only select a particular text, not the entire text inside quotes


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I've been looking for the answer to this for some time. This functionality exists in an IDE I use for a legacy language (APL) as Ctrl + Shift + M. I hate not having this in VS. –  Sam May 5 at 21:44
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In researching this I have found two answers:

Answer the first

Ctrl+Shift+W will select the text of the word that your cursor is on within a string. Press it again to select the text of the entire string without the quotes, again to select the quotes, again to select the next logical container and so on.

Answer the second

If you use ReSharper you can use Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow to do the same thing as Ctrl+Shift+W. You can also use Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow to reduce your selection by one logical container.

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Just to point out that double pressing "Right" in Ctrl+Alt+Right does not select the entire string inside quotes. Whereas double pressing "W" selects the entire string inside quotes if you use the windows shortcut. –  ArjaaAine Jun 19 at 0:26
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Use (Ctrl + Shift + W) in Visual studio. just move cursor before " and use this combinations of keys.

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sorry not working on VS 2012 –  vishnu Dec 11 '13 at 10:03
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Apparently the functionality that you're looking for doesn't exists (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/da5kh0wa.aspx) For do that I use ctrl+shift+ arrows to select quickly but is not a visual studio functionality is global for all text editors.


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