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I packaged the tests files and published them to local ivy via test:publishLocal, using this setting:

.settings(publishArtifact in (Test, packageBin) := true)

Then, in another project, I can reference this library with libraryDependecies +=. Now, I want to use these classes. But the test command only looks into sources, like src/test/scala. How to instruct it to look into the dependency?

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As a workaround, you could write a test class that extends from the test class in the dependency that you want to run, and just inherits its members (methods and fields) with no members of its own. I think that should work.

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By inspecting test recursively, I got to this:

progfun-actorbintree:->inspect test:test::defined-tests
[info] Task: scala.collection.Seq[sbt.TestDefinition]
[info] Description:
[info]  Provides the list of defined tests.

Executing it I get:

progfun-actorbintree:->show test:test::defined-tests
[info] List(Test actorbintree.BinaryTreeSuite : subclass(false, org.scalatest.Suite))
[success] Total time: 1 s, completed 11/12/2013 15:50:30

Which is the sole test class in this project.

So I think that's what you need to modify to get the tests from the library. I recommend doing some inspecting yourself to get further details, such as what is a TestDefinition -- one of the things associated with tests is the framework, which might be another thing you'll need to specify.

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