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How does it work? (Explain it in terms of server, writes, GETs, values, whatever).

DOes it work with Win32 apps?

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I'll try to explain:

  1. There is an application, with thrift class/interface. When event that you want to log occures, you send message to the
  2. Server, which collect logs from many sources (application, server logs, etc)
  3. And then server decides what do do with it: generate visualization, send over tcp/ip, store in a file, nfs, hdfs, you decide.
  4. Server and client can be the same app or machine, or this log data can be sent from client over internet.

Definitely works with win32 apps.

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It Works Great. We're using Scribe to test some message processing. We're sending Apache logs with Scribe. (Under Ubuntu)

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