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Is there a way to create a light see through watermark over an entire web page? One that stays on the screen, even if its scrolled? My thought was to create a .PNG bitmap and use a DIV tag with a style sheet that has my PNG set to the background image, as well as position absolute set. The problem is, I don't think it will scroll as my page scroll. Any suggestions?

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what you are looking for is position: fixed in css. Here is a pretty good rundown you can check out

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You can set the background-attachment property. More info here

To have the background image remain whilst the user scrolls, set:


If you want it to remain in one place and disappear if the user scrolls (which I guess you don't, but for future info :) ) The 'scroll' is no required, as it's the default setting, but for readability, you can add it.

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