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<div class="row-fluid">
    <table class="s-table table table-bordered table-striped table-hover">
        <thead class="p-table-head">
            <tbody class="p-table-body">
                        <div id="div_2_1_2_1_2_r1" class="String CoachView CoachView_show" data-eventid="" data-viewid="Table_Column1" data-config="config_div_2_1_2_1_2_r1" data-bindingtype="String" data-binding="local.customerContacts[index].name" data-type="com.ibm.bpm.coach.Snapshot_a30ea40f_cb24_4729_a02e_25dc8e12dcab.String" data-bindingrt="local.customerContacts[0].name">

How to identify td data exist inside div element and click on that?

These td elements will generate dynamically, we need find that it consists of contact details like name & phone number..

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You can also do this. In the below example you can use ./td. This example search for a td which contains a value all. If it finds it, then click on the anchor inside the td.Might be useful for you.

List<WebElement> elements = driver.findElements(By.xpath("//table/thead/tr"));
        for (Iterator<WebElement> iterator = elements.iterator(); iterator.hasNext();) {
            WebElement webElement = iterator.next();
            List<WebElement> findElement = webElement.findElements(By.xpath("./td"));
            if( findElement.size() > 0 ){
                if( findElement.get(0).getText() != null && findElement.get(0).getText().indexOf("all") != -1 ) {
                    List<WebElement> aElement = webElement.findElements(By.xpath("./td/a"));
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Use id.

  <td id="findme"> </td>

Also, it's true for any other tags. And don't forget closing opened TDs.

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