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It is 2 days that I am trying to add a map on this search engine http://ramip.fr/annuaire/recherche.php

I looked on the Google Developer documentation and the nearest I have found since now is this https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/examples/map-projection-simple

but I can only user longitude or latitude details to target something.

And I don't have this information but I have the address of the different points to target, so how can I create a map with specific address?

By the way when I will have the point how can I have a link on them to get the details of this specific point?

Example a point targeting this address "12, avenue du Président Vincent Auriol 31600 Muret, France" if someone want to click on it he should be redirected to http://ramip.fr/annuaire/annuaire.php?id=4

For me it seems to be super basic but I couldn't find how to do it on Google

Sincerely yours

Alban Loriot

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You want to look at the reverse geocoding part of the Google Maps API, this way you can get a latlong from an address and do anything. –  danielrozo Dec 11 '13 at 12:28

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