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Let's imagine we have a container into where we will add dynamic html (with angular directives)

<div id="divContent"></div>
document.getElementById("divContent").innerHTML = '<div id="divTest" ng-controller="TestCtrl">{{test}}</div>';

Here is the code of some dummy controller:

angular.module("TestApp", []).controller("TestCtrl", function($scope)
                                                           $scope.test = "a";

To initialize Angular we will use bootstrap:

angular.bootstrap(document.getElementById("divTest"), ["TestApp"]);

So question is how to pass test parameter that it's display b instead of a?

Here is the jsfiddle

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Use compile

        "<div id='divTest'>{{test}}</div>"

But the above wont work because the controller is not available probably.

Do something like:

and inject $compile to your controller.

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