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I have a machine that has Python 2.4, I am unable to upgrade it to a newer edition. Also, I need to use scapy on this machine (windows)

I have searched for a scapy version for python version less than 2.4 but only found it for UNIX.

Can anyone help me find a scapy version / port to windows?


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According to the official site, scapy is designed with linux in mind. Everything you should need is here. But, it looks like some of the utilities that scapy depends on do not support anything older than 2.5.

Can you use py2exe to bundle a different python interpreter with your app? Since you have to stick the app on the machine anyway, why not just give them a single "executable" with a different version of python compiled in.

You could use NSIS to install the thing, along with the appropriate dependencies. I.E. libpcap and friends for your version of python and scapy.

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According to the Scapy Download and Installation Documentation, Scapy v1.x is your only option if you are running Python 2.4.

To install Scapy v1.x follow the instructions here. The documentation does state that Scapy has been designed for unix-like systems, but it does support Windows.

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