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Below code contains the fortran77 dll call from vb.net with two-dimensional array and struture.Input Parameters are flg & a_in(,),it calculates some value and inturn it populates the output array in a_pn(,) and a_vOUT(,).There is a addressof callback function used in fortran dll.I couldn't able to fetch the output values to proceed further.Waiting for your kind reply ASAP.

---VB.Net Code with Fortran dll call---

Dim flg As Int32
Dim a_in(,) As Double --- Input array with values
Dim a_PN(,) as Double ----Output array return from Fortran77 DLL (Value calculated from a_in(,) array and returns)
Dim a_vOUT(,) as Double ----Output array return from Fortran77 DLL 
Dim a_Flgs(,) as Int32
Dim a_b() as byte
Dim a_string1 As New VB6.FixedLengthString(255)

Public Structure Case_Info
    Dim nx() As Double
    Dim ny() As Double
    Dim tc() As Double
    Dim ip(,) As Double
End Structure

 W_Ftrn(Flg, a_in(1, 1), a_PN(1, 1),a_vOUT(1, 1), a_Flgs(1, 1), .TC(1), .ip(1, 1),.nx(1), .ny(1), AddressOf CallBack0, AddressOf CallBack1, a_b(1), a_string1.Value, 255)

---Fortran declaration in vb.net--

 Public Declare Sub W_Ftrn _
       Lib "D:\Proj2\Fortran.DLL" Alias "W_Ftrn" _
      (ByRef flg As integer,ByRef a_in As Double, ByRef a_PN As Double, ByRef a_vOUT As Double, ByRef a_Flgs As Int32, _
       ByRef constray As Double, ByRef ipn As Double, _
       ByRef aGX%, ByRef aGY#, _
       ByVal cbaddr0 As long,ByVal cbaddr1 As long,ByRef bPlain As Byte, _
       ByVal s1 As String, ByRef L1 As Int32)
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What error(s) do you get? What did you try to solve your problem? How is W_Ftrn defined (Fortran source code)? –  Alexander Vogt Dec 11 '13 at 13:54
Even in VB6 this shouldn't work because array-cell references are passed Copy-by-reference. Effectively, they cannot be written back to. –  RBarryYoung Dec 11 '13 at 14:02

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My guess is that you are going to have to do your own manual copy-in and copy-out of the array-cells that you want to write to before and after the F77 call. Something like this:

Dim a_in1 As Double 
Dim a_PN1 as Double 
Dim a_vOUT1 as Double 
Dim a_Flgs1 as Int32
Dim a_b1 as byte
Dim nx As Double
Dim ny As Double
Dim tc As Double
Dim ip1 As Double

' copy-in, manually '
a_in1 = a_in(1, 1)
a_PN1 = a_PN(1, 1)
a_vOUT1 = a_vOUT(1, 1)
a_Flgs1 = a_Flgs(1, 1)
tc = .TC(1)
ip1 = .ip(1, 1)
nx = .nx(1)
ny = .ny(1)
a_b1 = a_b(1)

W_Ftrn(Flg, a_in1, a_PN1,a_vOUT1, a_Flgs1, TC, ip1, nx, ny, AddressOf CallBack0, AddressOf CallBack1, a_b1, a_string1.Value, 255)

' copy-out, manually '
a_in(1, 1) = a_in1
a_PN(1, 1) = a_PN1
a_vOUT(1, 1) = a_vOUT1 
a_Flgs(1, 1) = a_Flgs1
.TC(1) = tc 
.ip(1, 1) = ip1
.nx(1) = nx
.ny(1) = ny
a_b(1) = a_b1 
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