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Is there any way for me to add some points to a pairs plot?

For example, I can plot the Iris dataset with pairs(iris[1:4]), but I wanted to execute a clustering method (for example, kmeans) over this dataset and plot its resulting centroids on the plot I already had.

It would help too if there's a way to plot the whole data and the centroids together in a single pairs plot in such a way that the centroids can be plotted in a different way. The idea is, I plot pairs(rbind(iris[1:4],centers) (where centers are the three centroids' data) but plotting the three last elements of this matrix in a different way, like changing cex or pch. Is it possible?

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You give the solution yourself in the last paragraph of your question. Yes, you can use pch and col in the pairs function.

pairs(rbind(iris[1:4], kmeans(iris[1:4],3)$centers), 
      pch=rep(c(1,2), c(nrow(iris), 3)), 
      col=rep(c(1,2), c(nrow(iris), 3)))
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I thought it could be solved that way, but I didn't know how to do it. thanks! ps: iris is classified in 3 groups :P –  Chesco Dec 11 '13 at 16:07

Another option is to use panel function:

cl <- kmeans(iris[1:4],3)
idx <- subset(expand.grid(x=1:4,y=1:4),x!=y)
i <- 1
            panel=function(x, y,bg, ...) {
                points(x, y, pch=21,bg=bg)
                i <<- i +1

enter image description here

But I think it is safer and easier to use lattice splom function. The legend is also automatically generated.

cl <- kmeans(iris[1:4],3)

            panel=function(x, y,i,j,groups, ...) {
                panel.points(x, y, pch=21,col=groups)

enter image description here

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