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I need to add flemish (flamand language) in my project localizations. I didn't found it.

I found that we can use Nederland, but I'm not sure. Does someone got an idea ?

I'm putting (Dutch Belgium) at this time, but once again, i'm not sure. Many thx

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Is Flemish a dialect of Dutch? If so, go ahead and use it. If not... then apparently this language is not supported. – user529758 Dec 11 '13 at 16:23
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I believe Flemish is the same as Dutch-Belgium:

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I confirm. I was right too – DjimOnDev Dec 12 '13 at 7:35

You should ask your client what they mean with Flemish, but I've had trouble getting a Dutch-Netherlands translation to appear at all on a device, but just "Dutch" worked fine.

So I think it's best to just add "Dutch" (=nl) translation, and not use Dutch-Belgium (=nl-BE). You should do some testing, but both Dutch speaking users from The Netherlands and Belgium should see the translation then.

Also see: Cannot load country-specific resource

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