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I couldn't find anything regarding this on

Maybe I could use '[^]+' to match everything but that seems like a hack?


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Jonathan, Boost != TR1. – Rob Kennedy Jan 12 '10 at 21:39
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Boost.Regex has a mod_s flag to make the dot match newlines, but it's not part of the TR1 regex standard. (and not available as a Microsoft extension either, as far as I can see)

As a workaround, you could use [\s\S] (which means match any whitespace or any non-whitespace).

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One trick people use is a character class containing anything that is not the null character. The null character is expressed in hex. It looks something like this:

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As C++ regular expressions appear to be based on ECMAScript regular expressions, the answer to the recent question about the same thing in JavaScript may help you.

[^] should work, but if you want something a little more clear and less hackish, you could try (.|\n).

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You can switch to a non-ECMA flavor of regular expression (there are a number of flags to control regext flavor). Any POSIX regex should, if I recall correctly, match a newline to ..

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