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I use Apache Camel 2.10.0 running in WebLogic 10.3.5 The following route is defined:

from("wmq:jms/myqueue").to( some logic goes here )

If I make it transactional

from("wmq:jms/myqueue?transacted=true").to( some logic goes here ) 

it works as expected but the number of "total consumers" (monitored in WebLogic console) is increased every second. For example:

At server start we have

  • Consumers Current = 1
  • Consumers High = 1
  • Consumers Total = 1
  • Messages High = 0

5 min later (no messages sent)

  • Consumers Current = 1
  • Consumers High = 1
  • Consumers Total = 1668
  • Messages High = 0

Does it mean memory leak? Could it be a problem for production environment?

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Take a closer look on the camel-jms documentation page

And pay attention to using transaction and the impact on performance and about what the cacheLevel option can be set to.

In your use case, when using transacted=true, then the cache level is by default none, which means a new consumer is created per poll. Setting the cache level to consumer will reuse the consumer and you should only have a consumers total of 1, just like without caching.

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Great answer! Thank you very much, Claus. You right, I missed this part of the documentation. Now it works perfectly – Sergey Dec 12 '13 at 8:14

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