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Scenario is to use a source code repository as usual except at periodic intervals, take a backup of the delta changes and copy them over to a remote location which should bring it to the same state as the source, the reverse should also apply assuming that no new changes have been committed to the 1st instance in the interim

I hope this is clear, i have used vss mostly from a user perspective, never from an administrative standpoint so pardon my ignorance

UPDATE: * The solution should ideally be open source or low cost * Note replication is to be done via File Copy/Paste operation ( with file transfer via email etc. )

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I'd skip on VSS. Git is probably better for this sort of branch-heavy development process. –  Anon. Jan 12 '10 at 21:46

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That sounds like you want replication between several sites. There are Source Control packages that are specifically designed to handle this well - i.e. robustly and fast/efficiently (e.g. Perforce etc)

I wouldn't recommend VSS under any circumstances, let alone replicated.

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too expensive, updated question above for pricing –  Kumar Jan 13 '10 at 0:38
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answering it for others - looked at git / mercurial and went ahead with mercurial for the ease of setup and use

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