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I am using bootstrap-wysihtml5 in a website and need to customize the editor to match the look and feel of my website. For example, the bootstrap-wysihtml5 editor has a white background with black text, but I need to change it to, say, a red background with white text. I'd also like to use a different font.

If I use Fiddler to examine the <iframe> created by bootstrap-wysihtml5, I see that the <body> element in the <iframe> has the following style definition:

background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); 
color: rgb(44, 62, 80); 
font-family: "Lato","Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; 
font-size: 15px; 

The font-family settings used here are defined in my bootstrap.css file, so I presume that's where the style definitions in the <iframe> are coming from, but I don't see how I can customize these to something different.

I've tried modifying the <iframe> <body> style via jQuery in the bootstrap-wysihtml5 load event, and that works, but as soon as I click on the editor the custom styling is overwritten with the default styling.

How do I implement my own custom styling in this editor?


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You can add your own stylesheets to the iframe by setting an option when creating the wysihtml5 area:

    stylesheets: ['/url/of/stylesheet/to/put/in/iframe']
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