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while trying to do some kind of generic grunt task i got stuck while accessing variables/options.

i need some kind of global variable or something similar. seams like i have overlooked something.

if i run grunt sassCompile:myprojectFolder everything works fine while grunt sassWatch:myprojectFolder does not.

i run it in verbose mode and it seems projectPath is empty while compass is being called by watch.

compass options (from verbose output):

sassCompile: config="projectRoot/myprojectFolder/config.rb" ...

sassWatch: config="config.rb" ...

this is the Gruntfile.js is used for testing:

what i am doing wrong?

some hint into the right direction would be great! :)


(function() {
    'use strict';
    module.exports = function (grunt) {
            compass: {
                dev: {
                    options: {
                        config: "<%= projectPath %>config.rb",
                        basePath: "<%= projectPath %>",
                        specify: ["<%= projectPath %>src/sass/style*.scss","!**/*ie*.scss"],
                        bundleExec: true
            watch: {
                css: {
                    files: ['<%= projectPath %>../**/*.scss'],
                    tasks: ['compass']
        grunt.registerTask('sassCompile', 'compass', function (project) {
            grunt.config('projectPath', 'projectRoot/' + project + '/');
        grunt.registerTask('sassWatch', 'watch', function (project) {
            grunt.config('projectPath', 'projectRoot/' + project + '/');

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This is definitely an interesting approach you have there – it took me a while to understand what is going on.

What happens when run grunt sassWatch:myprojectFolder is that the watch task gets started with the projectPath you supplied after the colon, but, when watch detects a change it runs the compass task without the configuration.

That is because grunt-contrib-watch runs it's tasks by starting a new grunt process. You could run the tasks inside the same process by using options: { spawn: false }, but that seems to be discouraged.

I would suggest you try this:

watch: {
    css: {
        files: ['<%= projectPath %>../**/*.scss'],
        tasks: ['sassCompile:<%= projectPath %>']

That way watch will run sassCompile:myprojectFolder in the spawned grunt process, making sure the configuration gets transferred to the compass task.

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thank you for the tip regarding processes. i will run all with span false for now. (the task will be much bigger then the sample at the end) –  evilru Dec 12 '13 at 14:58

at the grunt page there is a section about gobal variables: http://gruntjs.com/frequently-asked-questions#globals-and-configs but - won't work across multiple processes.

it would be possible to start a new async process by hand and handover the needed variables. you could take a look at https://github.com/sindresorhus/grunt-concurrent and possible extend it to accept parameters for the new processes.

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