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I have the latest revision checked out to my working copy, but it's broken - it can't compiled.

How to get the previous revision before the head? And if it's broken too - the previous before the previous?

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svn update -r PREV

Here's a link to the documentation on revision keywords.

If none of the keywords (HEAD, BASE, COMMITTED, or PREV) is exactly what you want, then just look in the log and find an explicit revision number to update to.

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If you know the revision number of a good build, then rather than stepping back-- from head until you find the revision that broke the build, you might use 'divide and conquer' to find the problem. If you've got any more than a few revisions since the last known good this will save you time.

Pseudo code:

    candidate=(known_good + known_bad) / 2

    build candidate

    if success

    if (known_good + 1) == known_bad
        goto end

    go to start:

Glossing over odd numbered revisions a bit there...

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svn info http://[server]:[host]/myrepo will give you the revision of the repository.

Then update your local copy with svn update -r [revision-1] http://[server]:[host]/myrepo

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You'd have to fetch the current revision number, decrease it by one and svn update to that revision until you find a build that works. I don't think Subversion can provide you much automated help here, because it can't know which revision will compile.

See these questions on how to get hold of the current revision number:

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for TortoiseSVN using the context menu: svn->Update to revision

for command line use

svn update --revision svn://repo

If you really wanna be fancy about it, you can make a script where you give it the current revision number of HEAD and from there it goes down revisions until make (or whatever) doesn't return an error.

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I'm talking about Mono trunk and under Linux.. – abatishchev Jan 12 '10 at 22:56

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