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I have MVC 5 project and I use NuGet to install packages. Yesterday I have installed a couple of packages, but today when I run my application I got an error of missing references. I've realized, that my project doesn't have any of references and files that were added from NuGet.I have all this packages in packages folder in my app, but no records about this packages in packages.config file. If I click Manage NuGet Packages in my solution explorer, in online search it shows me all my packages as installed, but in all installed tab it doesn't show me any of them! I didn't do anything since yesterday? What could happened and how to fix all my packages?

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I have had this happen from time to time. There are two things that you can try:

  1. Right click your solution in 'Solution Explorer' and select 'Enable NuGet Package Restore'
  2. Close and Reopen VS
  3. Try Rebuild

Otherwise, just uninstall/reinstall each package.

Hope that helps!

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