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I reinstalled bind9 due to an error I was having in starting it. As a consequence, clearly lost all my BIND settings. When I attempt to restore them via my virtualmin backups I keep getting the following.

Starting restore of 1 domains from local file /home/user/2013-12-04_12.00/mydomain.com.tar.gz ..

Extracting backup archive file ..
.. done

Restoring backup for virtual server mydomain.com ..

    Re-creating records in DNS domain ..
    .. domain not found!

.. failed! See the progress output above for the reason why.

Any thoughts as to what I might be missing? I'm pretty inexperienced with this so it very well might boil down to a RTFM situation. If that's the case, could you direct me where I should look? My hunting so far hasn't yielded much that seems to fit my situation.

Any help much appreciated.

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