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I am trying to add CakeDC ratings to my CakePHP website. I have followed the instructions in readme provided with the plugin, but the rating stars do not appear. Also the ratings are not saved when I press 'Rate'. Here is the code from the view file:

<h3><?php echo ($post['Post']['title']); ?></h3>
<?php echo $this->Rating->display(array(
'item' => $post['Post']['id'],
'type' => 'radio',
'stars' => 5,
'value' => $post['Post']['rating'],
'createForm' => array('url' => array_merge($this -> passedArgs, array('rate' => $post['Post']['id'], 'redirect' => true)))));?></h3>

After pressing "Rate", the url changes to '.../rate:2/redirect:1' , but the data does not appear in the database. Am I missing something?

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i also encountered this problem, but what i did was, i added this

public $components = array('Ratings.Ratings');
public $actsAs = array('Ratings.Ratable');

and after that, it managed to save the data

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