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Hi Jay I hope you are reading this :) (anyone else reading this can also try and help)

i'm using BreezeNH with web api 2. i have a classic 1 to many realation (each city has many ports).

seems that when using web api 2 expand doesn't get executed correctly (wrong sql is being execued) somehow it tries to do a sub select and then it tries to select port by Id and not by city id like it should after that i also get a refelection exception thrown

when i did the same thing with web api 1 (under different project) it works fine and the select statement is correct same db with same mapping and same code only using web api 1 this time

the correct select statement should look like this:

session1 select * from cities where Id = 1

session2 select * from Ports where CityId = 1

the problem might be in breezenhcontroller attribute but i am not sure

am I missing something ? Is it possible to work with BreezeNH and web api 2 ?

keep up the good work i love breeze

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Sorry, our NHibernate expert in on vacation for the holidays. He will be back in January. –  Jay Traband Dec 11 '13 at 21:54
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