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My understanding is that conflict serializable implies serializable. I'm not sure how that makes them different. Does serializable mean conflict serializable?

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Conflict serializable is a subset of serializable, so just because a schedule is conflict serializable does not mean it is serializable. If a schedule is serializable it is indeed conflict serializable.

It is computationally easier to determine if something is conflict serializable as opposed to just serializable. Simply construct a directed graph with transactions as nodes and conflicts (i.e. write to the same page) as edges, and if it is non-cyclic, then it is conflict-equivalent to some serial schedule described by the pathing of the graph.

Imagine transactions A B and C, all writing to the same page. A writes, then B, then C, then A again. There is no serializable schedule that is conflict-equivalent. A must go first, because B and C have a conflict after A. But A must also go last, since B and C have a conflict before A. Hence the cycle in the graph.

But just because it is not conflict serializable does not mean it is not serializable. For example, if the last write of A was exactly the same as C's write, then ABC would be a serial schedule equivalent to the original, because the last write didn't end up mattering.

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Conflict serializable is a subset of view serializable. "A schedule can be conflict serializable but not view serializable(as in case of blind writes)

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