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My chat panel which is table view. It has custom cell with uitextview. Not working in IOS7 but working fine in IOS6 -(void) resizeViews { CGFloat changeInHeight = 0;

    CGSize boundingSize;
    boundingSize.width = self.leftBubbleTextView.frame.size.width;
    boundingSize.height = 999;
    CGSize tmp;
    CGFloat dh = 0;

    //Updating the leftBubbleView
    [self shiftView:self.leftBubbleView byHeight:changeInHeight];
    self.leftBubbleImgV.hidden = YES;
    self.leftBubbleTextView.hidden = YES;

        self.leftBubbleTextView.hidden = NO;
        self.leftBubbleTextView.text = transQ.mQueryText;
        tmp = [self.leftBubbleTextView sizeThatFits:boundingSize];
        if (tmp.height < (26 + 10)) { //Height adjustment for single line text
            tmp.height = 26;
        dh = tmp.height - CGRectGetHeight(self.leftBubbleTextView.frame);     //Change in height of textView
    [self resizeView:self.leftBubbleView byHeight:dh];      //Resizing the BubbleView
    changeInHeight += dh;


-(void) shiftView:(UIView *) view byHeight:(CGFloat) height
    CGRect tmp = view.frame;
    tmp.origin.y += height;
    view.frame = tmp;
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Is the master switch for Auto Layout turned on in storyboard? –  bilobatum Dec 11 '13 at 21:24

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