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I need to set the value of a static member in unity from my browser using javascript:

In Unity3D, I have the following script file:

ScriptName: Glob.js

static var myValue;

function setValue() {

In my browser, I'm trying to call the function setValue as follow:

//u is the unity object:

u.getUnity().SendMessage("Glob", "setValue", "");

the javascript function doesnt give error, but the value myValue or the function setValue is not getting called, how can I change a global static member with JavaScript?

Many thanks.

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It looks like you are not returning the value of the setValue function. I think the following code could work:

static var myValue;

function setValue() {
    Glob.myValue = 15;
    return Glob.myValue;


var myValueInUnity = u.getUnity().SendMessage("Glob", "setValue", "");
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Thanks @osi, it doesn't work, actually I don't need the returned value, I just want to call the function setValue to set the internal value of the game, however with your code, console.log shows undefined, thanks – MetroAir Server Dec 12 '13 at 11:19

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