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I've been working with MVC 1 for some time now and have decided to finally give MVC 2 a shot.

My question is, for those who have been using 2 for some time what are the features or areas I should be looking at first?

I know there's a bunch of new stuff in there but would like to target my learning to specific areas rather than go looking myself for a couple of weeks.

I realise this is kinda lazy but I have tight deadlines here at work.

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Have a look at Scott Guthries blog to get some ideas of the new things.

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+1 thanks. Always the first place to look huh? :) –  griegs Jan 12 '10 at 22:57
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Strongly type Html Helpers.

No more "magic strings" to pass a property name into a helper means more compile time checking, less wasted time debugging.

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+1 Yeah I saw that the other day in another post and thought that was huge. –  griegs Jan 12 '10 at 22:56
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XVal style validation attributes that can automatically generate corresponding client side validators.

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Single-project areas.

Provides a way to conceptually separate a large web application into logical "areas" while maintaining the integrity of a single web application.

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Using areas in a new publication CMS system to keep the admin controller/views seperate from the regular front end of the site.

The strongly typed helpers is good too. (See @womp's answer)

Scot Gu's Blog Post on MVC 2

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