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I'd like to change the data type for several columns in a database using Rails. I have tried the following code but I get an error "G::DuplicateColumn: ERROR: column "geography" of relation "town_health_records" already exists"

I have tried creating a new migration file and running rake db:migrate as shown below:

class UpdateColumns < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def change
    change_table :town_health_records do |t|
     t.string :geography
     t.string :total_pop_year_2005
     t.string :age_0_19_year_2005
     t.string :age_65_up_year_2005
     t.string :per_capita_income_year_2000
     t.string :persons_below_200pct_poverty_yr_2000
     t.float :pct_all_persons_below_200pct_poverty_year_2000
     t.float :pct_adequacy_prenatal_care_kotelchuck
     t.float :pct_c_sections_2005_2008
     t.integer :num_infant_deaths_2005_2008
     t.float :infant_mortality_rate_2005_2008
     t.float :pct_low_birthweight_2005_2008
     t.float :pct_multiple_births_2005_2008
     t.float :pct_publicly_financed_prenatal_care_2005_2008
     t.float :pct_teen_births_2005_2008


I only need to change the data type to string for the following columns :

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stackoverflow.com/questions/2799774/… this gives you the info you need –  RustyToms Dec 11 '13 at 23:03
As an aside, you should forget about :string when using PostgreSQL and just use :text (unless you have a good reason to restrict the field size inside the database). varchar(n) is pretty much a slightly more expensive version of text that has a size limitation that you apparently don't care about since you don't have any :limits. –  mu is too short Dec 11 '13 at 23:36

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Try t.change instead of t.string. What you're doing right now is trying to declare another column named geography, which is why you're seeing that error.

Take a look at the API Documentation for the change_table method.

So, your migration file should look like:

class UpdateColumns < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def change
    change_table :town_health_records do |t|
      t.change :total_pop_year_2005, :string
      t.change :age_0_19_year_2005, :string
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add a migration:

def change
  change_column :town_health_records, :total_pop_year_2005, :string
  change_column :town_health_records, :age_0_19_year_2005, :string
  change_column :town_health_records, :age_65_up_year_2005, :string
  change_column :town_health_records, :per_capita_income_year_2000, :string
  change_column :town_health_records, :persons_below_200pct_poverty_yr_2000, :string

or roll back and then create the table again

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