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This method:

public static string[] getKeywords(string filename)
    string[] keywords = XElement.Load(filename).Elements("Keyword").Attributes("name").Select(n => n.Value).ToArray  
    return keywords;

Will not read the xml file. I have even tested every place it was called and it led back to getKeywords. I even tested it by

string[] test = getKeywords("APIs\\cmake.xml");
textbox.Text = test[0];

And I get an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Exception. The xml file is accessable by this method. Just that it does not read the attribute. Here is a sample of the xml file:

<Keyword name ="if" />
<Keyword name ="else" />

What is wrong?

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EDIT: The Elements("Keyword") call returns the an enumerable containing the all of the Keyword elements that are directly within the document root. Since there aren't any (the document root contains a single Keywords (plural) element), you're not getting any values.

You need to get all of the Keyword elements in the document, like this:

return XElement.Load(filename)
               .Select(n => n.Value)

Alternatively, you can explicitly get all of the Keyword elements within the Keywords element, like this: (This will not get Keyword elements that are inside of other elements)

return XElement.Load(filename)
               .Select(n => n.Value)
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Try this

string[] keywords =
    XElement.Load(filename  )
        .Elements("Keyword" )  // not "Keywords"
        .Attributes("name"  )
        .Select(n => n.Value)
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sorry, that was my typo – Mohit Deshpande Jan 13 '10 at 0:33
this code returned {"if", "else"} to me; its wrong? – Rubens Farias Jan 13 '10 at 0:46

You logic is slightly off. You need to use: XElement.Load(filename).Element("Keywords").Elements("Keyword").Select(n => n.Attributes("name")FirstOrDefault.value).ToArray

For each keyword node, it will return the value of the name attribute.

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