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I am developing SWFs for a platform which blocks the code from accessing the stage for security sandbox reasons (and also accepts SWFs built for Flash Player 9 only).

I am trying to add the default Flash component combobox. While going through this component's class code I see Adobe coders have already set up try and catch blocks internally for deallying with these stage access scenarios, and indeed when I test this component I don't get any errors.


These components appear wrong. When playing them on the stage-blocking platform they look like this (showing two comboboxes closed, one with a prompt):

enter image description here

when they should look like this and indeed look like this when tested locally:

enter image description here

Let me clarify that they work as expected only constantly display this white-textinput-box on top of the combobox. This surely has to do with stage access and focus problems (looks like the component is always kind of in focus).

I would like to alter this components code so that they appear right. Any ideas?

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check your library. There is skins that is being used.. modify those if needed.. –  Hardy Dec 12 '13 at 7:49
thanks that is no good. The skin is the default one - hadn't changed it. It should appear the same whether stage is accessible or not –  Saariko Dec 12 '13 at 8:22

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