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I'm receiving 400 Bad Requests error after calling post open graph. (Sometimes is error code 500 depends on how I modify the graph api call)

I never get it work before so I'm not sure whether my codes are correct or not.

Here's my codes:

FB.API("me/fb_unitytestapp:discover?fish=http://www.myapp.com", "POST", completionHandler);

1. fb_unitytestapp is my Facebook app namespace
2. discover is action
3. fish is object

The result I want is something like this "Johnson discovered a Golden Fish in My Test App."

"Golden Fish" is an object and I want it to link to my app page. How can I achieve that?

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Try something like:

    "fish": "http:\/\/www.myapp.com"
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Hmm what if I just want to use back existing objects (without creating my own), then I want the output result to be something like this "Johnson discovered Golden Fish in My Test App" –  Cadrick Loh Dec 13 '13 at 2:46

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