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I have a sortable list(jquery ui), could you advise if it is possible to implement 'undo/redo' base on sortable?

Imagine that, a item is dragged to a new placeholder, then I click "undo" button and the item will move to its original position. If I click "redo" button and the item will move to that new placeholder.

Maybe someone knows how to do this or maybe something else. thanks in advance.

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After each move (on update), you could store the serialized (or use toArray) order in a variable, and then use that to re-order your items in the event of an "undo." In fact, you could push the serialized data onto an array, giving you the ability to "undo" several times.

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thank you very much.try it now.. –  blueManta Jan 14 '10 at 13:37

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