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Why in ASP.NET MVC is it when I use a:

return this.RedirectToAction("Index", "Page", new { pageKey = "test/ho/hum"})

or using the MVCContrib extension:

return this.RedirectToAction<PageController>(c => c.Index("test/ho/hum"))

formats my return URL as:
and not:

The latter is the usual way my route is accessible, the querystring'd approach functions but reveals pageKey and is not desirable. FYI I have a catch-all route setup as {*pageKey} pointing to Index() on PageController.

Any ideas why RedirectToAction would format like that?

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you'll need to include your routes for anyone to debug this. –  No Refunds No Returns Jan 13 '10 at 2:30
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In your Global.asax.cs file, try to add the following routing info:

            "my customized routing",
            new { controller = "Index", Action = "List", MyPageKey= "" }

you may be able to get what you expect. However, this might create a host of bugs in your application. So used with caution.

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ASP.NET Routing goes through the list of routes and finds the first one that matches. In this case ther emust be an earlier route before your {*pageKey} route that is matching.

Try using RedirectToRoute, where you can specify the route's name to ensure that only that route can match.

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