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lets say for example, I have ten nodes with a name and time property. i have used the timestamp() function but it returns a value, that is the difference between the current time and the 1st of january, 1970 in milliseconds. What i want to know is, is there a function or possiblitiy to get the current time. if its there, can i get a sample code on how we can use it as an attribute in a node. also do tell me if its possible to extract data from the node that was updated a few hours ago using timestamp function itself

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timestamp() returns a value for milliseconds. You can do subtraction with this, and calculate the number of milliseconds for "a few hours ago" to see if it is in range. One caveat here is that this range query won't use indexes, so you'll want to limit the results first as much as possible with other filters.

CREATE ({ts:timestamp});

WHERE n.ts > timestamp() - (1000*60*60*4) // 4 hours ago
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