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I am trying to make a post of my wall and tag multiple friends on it, so far I've managed to post on my wall now only thing is left to tag. I have checked out this question in stack Post on personal Facebook wall using ios sdk and tag multiple friends at once..? and also checked out the description on tagging in facebook at but still not sure how should I implement this in iOS. This is my current code for posting in my wall

-(void)shareAdOnFacebook:(NSString *) wallMessage UserId:(NSString *) userID
      NSArray *permissions =[NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"publish_actions",@"publish_stream",@"manage_friendlists", nil];

    NSMutableDictionary* params = [[NSMutableDictionary alloc] initWithObjectsAndKeys:@"Test miLineup!", @"message", @"Iphone Apps", @"name", nil];

    NSLog(@"\nparams=%@\n", params);

    NSLog(@"PERMISSIONS:%@",[[FBSession activeSession]permissions]);
    if ([[FBSession activeSession]isOpen]) {

        if ([[[FBSession activeSession]permissions]indexOfObject:@"publish_actions"] == NSNotFound) {

            [[FBSession activeSession] requestNewPublishPermissions:permissions defaultAudience:FBSessionDefaultAudienceFriends
                                                  completionHandler:^(FBSession *session,NSError *error){
                                                      NSLog(@"Perform operation");
                                                      [self postOnWall:wallMessage UserId:userID];

            NSLog(@"Perform operation");
            [self postOnWall:wallMessage UserId:userID];

        [FBSession openActiveSessionWithPublishPermissions:[NSArray arrayWithObject:@"publish_actions"]
                                         completionHandler:^(FBSession *session, FBSessionState status, NSError *error) {
                                             if (!error && status == FBSessionStateOpen) {
                                                 NSLog(@"Status is Open");
                                                 [self postOnWall:wallMessage UserId:userID];


- (void)postOnWall:(NSString *) wallMessage UserId:(NSString *) userID
    NSNumber *testMessageIndex=[[NSNumber alloc] init];
    if ([[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] objectForKey:@"testMessageIndex"]==nil)
        testMessageIndex=[NSNumber numberWithInt:100];
        testMessageIndex=[[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] objectForKey:@"testMessageIndex"];
    testMessageIndex=[NSNumber numberWithInt:[testMessageIndex intValue]+1];
    [[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] setObject:testMessageIndex forKey:@"testMessageIndex"];
    [[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] synchronize];

    // create the connection object
    FBRequestConnection *newConnection = [[FBRequestConnection alloc] init];

    // create a handler block to handle the results of the request for fbid's profile
    FBRequestHandler handler =
    ^(FBRequestConnection *connection, id result, NSError *error) {
        // output the results of the request
        [self requestCompleted:connection forFbID:@"me" result:result error:error];

    NSString *messageString=wallMessage;

    FBRequest *request= [FBRequest requestWithGraphPath:userID parameters:[NSDictionary dictionaryWithObject:messageString forKey:@"message"] HTTPMethod:@"POST"];

    [newConnection addRequest:request completionHandler:handler];

    // if there's an outstanding connection, just cancel
    [self.requestConnection cancel];

    // keep track of our connection, and start it
    self.requestConnection = newConnection;
    [newConnection start];

// FBSample logic
// Report any results.  Invoked once for each request we make.
- (void)requestCompleted:(FBRequestConnection *)connection
                   error:(NSError *)error
    NSLog(@"request completed");

    // not the completion we were looking for...
    if (self.requestConnection &&
        connection != self.requestConnection)
        NSLog(@"    not the completion we are looking for");

    // clean this up, for posterity
    self.requestConnection = nil;

    if (error)
        NSLog(@"    error:%@",error);
        NSLog(@"   ok");


Through this I can post on self wall, I need to modify it to tag other users.

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See the docs here:

You're already creating a dictionary with the "message" property, just add the "tags" and "place" property.

"tags" is a comma separated list of user ids.

Note that you can only tag people if you also specify a "place".

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