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I am using zend library to render bar code and it works as I'm getting bar code using:

<img src="<?php echo '/controller/print/'.$id.'/'.$barcode; ?>">

Where bar code settings are:

public static function generate_barcode($id, $factor = 1, $backgroundColor = '#FFFFFF', $barHeight = 50, $fontSize = 10)
    $code = self::create_barcode_code($id);

    $barcodeOptions = array('text' => $code, 'factor' => $factor, 'backgroundColor' => $backgroundColor, 'barHeight' => $barHeight, 'fontSize' => $fontSize);

    $rendererOptions = array('imageType' => 'gif');

    $image = Zend\Barcode\Barcode::factory('ean13', 'image', $barcodeOptions, $rendererOptions)->render();

    return $image;

private static function create_barcode_code($id)
    $code = str_pad($id, 10, '0', STR_PAD_LEFT);
    return $code;

Issue is that in header I'm getting this weird chars and don't know how to get rid of it.

GIF87as>����,s>���j���qk�vc��=��ye�!�f�Z��\hv��:�ʰ���,����''�Т��Jji�n�C C}�� ����m �=��E�N��m��V$82%g�����Lj�g�Sy������9�C�RfyY�������$%jhZ:��ȩ X�)XGZzk[��+�K׊�wL|��ٛL�5k�����F]){�L> �l*]%>[��ޤ���}wl��=?M ��}���D\�v� | ���t�M[D�{V��Fa���xB �x#�m��K��<,IB4���{Bb���1�)-� ���t:e��4�R� Q���aKhT�� ���֤.�z#zu�џR�����L45�r};Ԫ2|b�F=�1�ׅa׎��h)�z���� �$^uN Ce[0�ozy^�s?�g;��կh�' �����̣�|]���ճk�e\-��޼ ~; ��o#w�<2qy�9�N�װ��ƫ^ߋ�/���mw���3��ݽ>��7���� �?}�d����_Y?�o���|�I�_k�ٗ�l�%؂�58܃�aSrAw�|��Z�}� �n)�߆���Hb�PQB �h���<��Ӎ8��cx,� e���+Ij� P����O.9E��Pً��H1��F�QQ[���/j�tf�F�S�h�H�Wv�9'�w�)Ì:�L�\z�%���o y�J�&j�Y6�����i�� d�Dz:d� ���;�(�0��j��� k���P;

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Which Kohana version is that? –  Darsstar Dec 12 '13 at 9:57
it is Kohana 3.3.1 –  Wojciech Szabowicz Dec 12 '13 at 10:01
Are you setting the Response's Content-Type header to 'image/gif'? I can't tell because You aren't showing :p –  Darsstar Dec 12 '13 at 10:26
Yup but I think I've found answer. –  Wojciech Szabowicz Dec 12 '13 at 11:05

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All I needed to create another controller

class Controller_Barcode extends Controller_Base {

public function after()

public function action_Letter()


And in view:

 <img src="<?php echo '/Barcode/Letter'.$barcode; ?>">
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