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I am new to WPF as well as C#, please bear with me.

I have a main window which opens up a new window. Now this new window is a prompt whether or not to overwrite a file, and the main window accesses a public variable in the new window to check for the prompt's result.

But I can't get the main window processing to wait until the new window closes.

 Window1 Win = new Window1();

 if (Win.pr_res == 1)
      abc.Text = "File to be overwritten";
      abc.Text = "Operation Aborted";

I tried adding a while loop checking another public boolean in the main window, but that just hangs the entire program.


Any suggestions are welcome.

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3 Answers 3

Use ShowDialog instead of Show -


From MSDN -

Opens a window and returns only when the newly opened window is closed.

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Although ShowDialog works fine, you may set MainWindow.IsEnabled = false if you don't like that modal window. Sometimes it's useful to see the main window.

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Use ShowDialog() method as it Opens a window and returns only when the newly opened window is closed.


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