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I am trying to find a way to display a KML layout over a Google Map in my Android application. The KML file itself is hosted on Google App Engine (publicly accessible). I have seen many posts regarding manually parsing locally-stored KML files, but it isn't clear to me if this is something you only have to do if you are trying to display a local KML file. However, I have not seen any evidence of a different straight-forward way to display publicly available KML files. Google's KML support for Google Maps Mobile ( seems to imply that displaying KML files directly in Google Maps is indeed supported.

Is there any way to display a publicly accessible (by public URL) KML layer file over a Google Map in Android without manually parsing the file???

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This should help you, in case you want to display a route between two points:

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I had the same problem lately and the only solution I've seen was parsing the KML file. It's not that complicated, KML is kind of a XML file, you know the tags and you can parse it easily.

Google is trying to make it better and lately and they have built a new app for this. Look:

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All right, thank you for the reply! It seems that the best manual parser I have found is the one at this link:… I have polygons in my KML file, but this parser setup does not seem to look for polygons. Do you know of one that does? – Mr. E. Gas Dec 12 '13 at 17:55

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