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I have a rails app which is handling some large file processing using the delayed_paperclip gem. These files are then uploaded to s3 using the aws-sdk gem. This works very well, however I'm unable to capture an 'upload complete' (i.e. all files have been transferred to S3) event in my model. I would like to run various cleanup / user notification bits and pieces here.

Here are the relevant parts of the model as it stands:


class Upload < ActiveRecord::Base

has_attached_file :uploaded_file, 
    :storage => :s3,
    :s3_credentials => {
        :bucket => "BUCKET_NAME",
        :access_key_id => "BUCKET_KEY",
        :secret_access_key => "BUCKET_SECRET"
    styles: { 
       # Bunch of custom styles here
    :url => "/:class/:id/:filename_without_extension:custom_file_extension",
    :path => ":class/:id/:filename_without_extension:custom_file_extension"

after_uploaded_file_post_process :processing_complete

process_in_background :uploaded_file

def processing_complete 

  # Things to do when the upload is complete     


Prior to using s3 for storage I had been using the after_post_process paperclip method which works a treat. However when using s3 to store them this event seems to fire when the files have been processed but before the files are uploaded to amazon s3.

So the bottom line is I need to find a way to hook into the files being successfully uploaded to s3. Is there a way to do this?

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