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I tried to disable window resizing. So I disabled wxDEFAULT_FRAME_STYLE and wxRESIZE_BORDER options on my wxFrame... and it works.

But now, if user makes a double click over caption bar, the windows is resized again.

How could I avoid windows resizing when user make a double click over caption bar?


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You need to remove the wxMAXIMIZE_BOX style.

As per comments, you've been having problems doing this, or perhaps the wxWidgets that you are using does not map through to the underlying window style. If that is the case then you can remove the WS_MAXIMIZEBOX window style like this:

DWORD style = GetWindowLongPtr(hwnd, GWL_STYLE);
SetWindowLongPtr(hwnd, GWL_STYLE, style & ~WS_MAXIMIZEBOX);
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I am not using wxMAXIMIZE_BOX, only wxCAPTION and wxCLOSE_BOX :( –  Cesar Ortiz Dec 12 '13 at 10:54
Which operating system? –  David Heffernan Dec 12 '13 at 10:57
I mean if it is Windows, you can use SetWindowLongPtr to remove the WS_MAXIMIZEBOX. That should be happening anyway with wxWidgets but I have seen a bug report for wxWidgets that says that it does not happen. You could usefully use GetWindowLongPtr to find out what window style you window has. Post that here and I'm sure we can track down the issue. –  David Heffernan Dec 12 '13 at 11:04
David, I am using W7, MinGW (gcc 4.8.1) and wxWidgets 2.9.5. Using SetWindowsLongPtr could help, but now, I dont know how to use it with a window created from wxWidwet using XRC files. Thanks again –  Cesar Ortiz Dec 13 '13 at 9:28
Your code is all wrong. You are setting extended window style. But you need to set the window style. And you are mixing up wxWidgets flags with Window style widgets. I'll update the answer to show you what to do. –  David Heffernan Dec 13 '13 at 11:52

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