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I have a large (greater than 200Mb) Front End MS-Access application connected to a SQL Server backend database. It dynamically attaches to the tables during start up (via a form which is opened from the Autoexec Macro). These tables can come from more than one database.

As part of some expansion, one of the databases it connects to is being split into two, and I need to find all accesses to the the tables that are being split so as work out how to handle it.

I have tried to use the Object Dependencies facility - which turned on Auto Name Correct (and I am well aware of the disadvantages of that - it will get switched off again soon).

The problem is I come across queries where it is reporting that this query is dependant on one table, when in fact is isn't. I have also come across the opposite - a query is dependant on a table but this fact isn't reported.

So far, I have only found this with respect to tables - all other dependencies seem accurate. My suspicion was that during the startup process the table defs are deleted and re-created and that somehow was screwing the dependencies up. However, I have turned Auto Name Correct off, done a compact and repair, started the application with the shift key down (prevents Autoexec running) and then asked it to check the dependencies again.

However the previous dependency errors are still there.

So I have two questions.

1) What can I trust and not trust - in particular the previous developers had a tendency to nest queries but maybe the need for a query disappears, but the nested queries remain. I have quite a few queries where there is nothing dependent on them (and they are not called from Visual Basic either) and I would like to ignore/delete them in this exercise

2) Is there any reliable way to completely remove the internal name auto correct information so that that the dependency information can be recreated from scratch and I can check whether the problems with the known inconsistencies have been fixed

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