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when I use the INTEGER in declaration in this code, I have no error with gfortran, but when I use REAL in declaration, I have this error:

Error: Type mismatch in argument 'a' at (1); passed INTEGER(4) to REAL(4)

here is my code:

Program workout
REAL :: resultat

resultat = moyen(100,50)
WRITE(*,*) resultat

  REAL FUNCTION moyen(a,b)
    IMPLICIT none
    REAL,INTENT(IN) :: a, b

    moyen = (a - b)/2

End Program workout

thanks for your time

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The error message is quite explicit, you are passing an integer argument to a function which expects a real argument. You could change this line

resultat = moyen(100,50)


resultat = moyen(100.0,50.0)

In fact, as you can see, you are making the same mistake twice in one line, the compiler is just identifying the first occurrence.

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thanks you very much – younesky Dec 12 '13 at 11:31

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