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I need to deactivate RepeatedMsgReduction on my Linux server to allow fail2ban to evaluate every failed login attempt. (See this bug report:

As I don't want to flood my log files, I would love to have that feature only on those logfiles that fail2ban scans, especially mail.warn.

Is there a way to set a conditional rule/filter in rsyslog.conf that sets

$RepeatedMsgReduction = off

iff the message is bound to mail.warn?

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Ok, reading the manual and docs again and again now brought me to the solution:

Reading tells you, that the directive

$RepeatedMsgReduction off

remains valid until the next directive is specified.

This means, if you want all messages of mail.warn, but want reduced messages in all others ( and mail.err), change the configuration to look like this (assuming, that message reduction is globally turned on):                       -/var/log/
$RepeatedMsgReduction off
mail.warn                       -/var/log/mail.warn
$RepeatedMsgReduction on
mail.err                        /var/log/mail.err

With this, mail.warn will contain all messages logged, while the other log levels (and files) will contain the famous "last message repeated n times" lines. This allows e.g. fail2ban to examine mail.warn for evil activities, while the other log files stay "clean".

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