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I've got a model in CakePHP that doesn't have a table, called Upload. I've got a validation in this Model for a field called source_id.

I've got a form that builds a nice looking $this-data, giving me a well formated set, including:


However, the validation rule I have set doesn't seem to run at all. I copied this validation rule from another model where it does work, so I'm confident that it works:

var $validate = array(
    	'source_id' => array(
		rule' => 'numeric',
		'required' => true,
		'allowEmpty' => false,
		'message' => 'Error!.'

Can you not validate fields for a model that lacks a database table?

The form uses the Upload model, and submits to another controller action method.

CakePHP 1.2, PHP/MySQL 5, XAMPP.

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I'm dumb. You have to trigger a validation check, either with a save() or


Working now.

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You can also fake the database structure by setting the $_schema array, like so:

var $useTable = false;

var $_schema = array(
    'name'   =>array('type'=>'string', 'length'=>100), 
    'email' =>array('type'=>'string', 'length'=>255), 
    'phone' =>array('type'=>'string', 'length'=>20),
    'subject'  =>array('type'=>'string', 'length'=>255),
    'message'  =>array('type'=>'text')
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+1 cool feature I didn't notice –  kaklon Feb 11 '11 at 19:32

There's a great tutorial for how to do this step by step with CakePHP 1.2


It shows you what to put in your model, view & controller

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