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I'm developing a Firefox add-on and having a problem: onClick event does not work with xbl:inherits. Other attributes like value and src work well

Here is my code


<binding id="CF-review">
            <xul:label class="CF-review-url" xbl:inherits="onclick">[more]</xul:label>


function onReviewClick()

var elem = document.createElement("vbox");
elem.className = "CF-review";
elem.setAttribute("onclick", onReviewClick);

How can I set event onclick for xul:label element above?

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Is the xmlns:xbl given in the document and not just xmlns? –  lithorus Jan 18 '10 at 6:57
Yes, I also include xmlns:xbl, xmlns:xul and xmlns:html –  hvtuananh Jan 18 '10 at 7:36
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Just a guess, don't know if this would work:

Add a <handler> in your XBL that just calls event.preventDefault if the event.target is anything other than the particular label you want the user to click on. Then when they click on that label, preventDefault won't be called and it will just work, by virtue of the fact that they added an onclick attribute.

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